Board of Governors

Hilltop Swim Club is overseen by a Board of Governors, elected from and by the club membership for a three year term.  Board members are uncompensated volunteers who work in the best interests of the entire group of bondholders.  Board responsibilities include:

President: Ensures continuous insurance for operation of the Swim Club.  Communicates with the Board of Health to be inspected for licensing; this includes maintenance of safety and emergency fire system.  Works closely with the “Pool Company” for compliance with updated state regulations and best practices.

Treasurer: pays bills, handles requests for checks from various committees, with the help of outside firm prepares financial statement for annual meeting.

Corporate Secretary: Records and keeps record of all bonds purchases and redemptions.

Building and Operations: Oversees and maintains the safe operation of the facility and grounds.  In recent years, projects have included repair to retaining wall behind basketball courts, painting the main pool and baby pools on a regular basis, replace/repair fencing, tree pruning.  Ensures winterization and opening of the pool.

Personnel: Recommends candidates for approval by the Board for Manager, Assistant Manager, and Life Guards.  Coordinates and files proper paper work with the payroll company.  Is present for initial staff meetings to give Board’s  expectations to staff.  Ensures all required certifications for individual guards are met.  With the expectation that a good working staff has been hired, the daily operation of the Pool is delegated to the Manager and his/her staff at the opening of the season.

Membership: Bills and receives all yearly membership payments.  Accepts new member applications and fills openings from the membership list.

Activities: sets activities schedule, coordinates volunteers.  With the Approval of the Board, determines the budget set for each activity.

Swim team/Aquatics Liaison: Acts as the liaison  between swim team families and Board.  Works with the swim team reps.

Web Site: oversees content and updates for web site.

An annual membership meeting to disclose financial statements to boldholders is held in early April in the school auditorium of the Lynnewood Elementary School.
Should you have any questions, please stop by the office and check in with either the on-duty manager or a member of the staff. Most of the frequently asked questions are answered in the Rules and Regulations pamphlet which is enclosed with your membership cards.
If you have any comments or suggestions you can submit a letter to the board either by mailing it to P.O. Box 672, Havertown, PA 19083, or by email here.
The board members for 2018 are:

Jerry Gray, President
Barbara Yiengst, Treasurer
Tom Bielli, Activities
Dan Bieter, Swim Team Liasion
Jason Given, Membership
Mike Keenan, Personal
Meg Hayes, Corporate Secretary and Swim Team Liaison
Jerry Ross, Grounds