June 5, 2020

Dear Members

It is with regrets that the Board of Governors write this letter advising that Hilltop Swim Club will not open for the 2020 season.  The Board met over the last several weeks to discuss the safety and financial issues surrounding the 2020 season.  In addition, several Board members participated in discussions, information sharing and collaboration with over 50 swim clubs from Delaware and Montgomery Counties.  This decision was made after several meetings, hours of debate and discussions, consultation with area swim club boards, advice from other members and results from the survey that was sent to the membership and posted on the website.

The Board of Governors was committed to opening Hilltop this summer but only if 1) it was allowed to, 2) could do it safely and 3) it made financial sense to do so.  The Board vote was made based on the financial prong of the analysis.  

Hilltop is solvent.  Hilltop is financially able to open this season.  The problem is that without enough members paying their dues (based on the projected amount of dues collected this season after extrapolating the survey numbers), along with the increased labor and supplies associated with Covid-19 and the inability to collect guest and August membership fees Hilltop would be left with little to no money on Labor Day.  This result would be problematic, at best, for the future and devastating, at worst, if there was an unforeseen expense between now and next season.  

The membership survey results were split as to whether to open or not and whether dues would be paid or not.  With the survey results being split, it is expected that the reaction to this decision will be the same.  The Board of Governors makes this decision in what it believes to be the best interest of Hilltop Swim Club.  The decision not to open was made in order to preserve Hilltop Swim Club for the future so that it can continue to offer our community the best value for a recreational swim club.

If you paid 2020 dues, Hilltop Swim Club will refund them and will be in touch with you directly.

We recognize that the loss of this season will affect us all immediately and painfully.  Summer will not be the same without the splashes, smiles, and good company. That said, we look forward to many more years together at Hilltop Swim Club.  It is important that we get this right not just for this summer, but for all the summers yet to come. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact

Thank you and see you in 2021!


The Hilltop Board of Governers