3d guy thinking in front of a big question mark isolated white backgroundIt seems like everywhere we go there are rules telling us what is allowed, and more importantly what is not. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that if some things are left unsaid, sooner than later something can and will go wrong. Rules have been established to assure the safe and sanitary operation of the pool, surrounding facilities, and more importantly the safety of all members and their guests. We understand that to some there are certain rules that seem unnecessary. After many years of careful review we have found that they have resulted in keeping our families safe and free of injuries.  We thank you for your understanding, and even more so for your continued cooperation in keeping Hilltop Swim Club the special place we have come to know.
"Water may be consumed by patrons around the pool as long as it is in a clear plastic bottle, labeled with the family name. Food of any kind is not permitted in the pool area"
We share the natural beauty of our club with a varied group of visitors, including bees, ants, and birds. These become even more problematic during the late summer days. At night a whole host of different visitors come by to see what we left behind. Food and drinks other than water are natural attractions, so please keep them in the snack bar area where they belong.
"All children under 10 years of age shall be admitted between opening and 6 PM only if accompanied by an adult or older child, and after 6 PM children under 13 are not permitted unless accompanied by an adult member"
Age limits are imposed to ensure the safety of the children of our members and their guests. We strive to be a family oriented facility, however, we have a large body of water and extensive grounds and can not have children running around unsupervised.
"Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time, including the ladder"
The diving board and slide are popular parts of our pool which we want to preserve for as long as possible. Having more than one person at the same time on the board or slide leads to accidents and potential injuries. We require that you swim to the closest ladder and exit the pool prior to another climbing up to reduce the potential accident of somebody landing on top of another.
"Only plastic sunglasses may be worn in the pool"
Ever try to find a broken piece of glass in a pool of water?
"No guests will be permitted on the holiday of Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day"
These are holidays not only for your friends and family, but also for our members. These days tend to be popular days at the pool, and when all of our members are present we don't have a lot of room to spare.
"Children MUST be totally trained to use the main pool"
Accidents happen. The baby pool can be drained and re-filled in a day. Want to guess how long it would take to drain and fill the main pool, and how much it would cost?
"Running, pushing, shoving, wrestling and ball playing is forbidden in the pool area"
Our pool and surrounding area are for the enjoyment of all, both young and not so young. Allowing your children to run on the deck, or between the members and their chairs and blankets, is a guaranteed way to have somebody get hurt. Running along the deck to jump into the pool is also not allowed. Pushing others into the pool might seem like fun, but if someone slips and falls while trying to hold on will ultimately result in a serious injury.
"No more than 50 guests will be admitted per day. Reservations will not be accepted by telephone."
We know the pool is the place to be, especially when the heat get unbearable. It should be accessible to all, especially those who have paid for a full seasons enjoyment. Guest passes are on a first come first serve basis. You can not call ahead to make a reservation, nor will we hold guest passes until you arrive.
"No playing or loitering in the locker rooms"
The locker rooms, specifically the showers, seem to be the place where children like to play when they are out of their parents view. Unfortunately this often results in costly repairs to our plumbing facilities. The toilets are not granted an exception either. Because some parents allow their children to play in the locker rooms, we have to assign personnel to monitor and continually clean them during the day. This results in increased labor costs which in turn increases our expenditures. This ultimately results in higher annual dues in later years. Parental supervision goes a long way in keeping the locker rooms and bathrooms safe, clean and orderly. In the recent past questions have arisen about possibly limiting unsupervised children and their use of the enclosed snack bar and surrounding areas due to the large amounts of trash left behind. We would ask all members reinforce these issues with their children and to make sure they properly dispose of their trash after eating in all areas of the snack bar and grove. Food, candy, and especially spilled sodas are the primary attraction of animals, especially bees and wasps in late July and August.
"Why are there so many rules?"
Safety is our primary concern; enjoyment is our primary interest. Accidents are bound to occur, but if we can avoid as many as possible it would be greatly appreciated.