Deep Water Guidelines announced

We have made several clarifications. Please re-read the entire page. All swimmers under the age of 12 must pass a test every year before using the portion of the pool past the life line rope, where the board and slide are located.

DEEP-WATER TEST Swim one length (25m) of the pool without stopping, swimming overhand crawl using rotary breathing AND immediately followed by treading water for 60 seconds. Overhand crawl is required because the swimmer must be comfortable with their face being continually wet.

h Upon successful completion of the test, the member’s name will be entered into a logbook by the manager, and a wrist band issued.  The band must be worn by the member to use the deep water, and cannot be transferred to another member. This policy is also in effect for all guests 12 and under.  The guest must return then band at the end of the day. This test will be administered by the manager or his/her designee at predetermined times throughout the day. A $2.00 replacement fee will be required for any lost band.